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Dear Visitor!

Please accept our warm and sincere greetings on the Adventure Castle web pages of the historic Pécsvárad fortress. In these pages we are inviting you for a journey into the past – an adventure leading through centuries, way back to the area of Saint Stephen and the world of Benedictine monks.

The Pécsvárad Castle has recently been restored, now offering a wide array of special types of services to its visitors. Have you ever been to a “Medieval” lapidary with a unique atmosphere to it? Or in a true blacksmith’s workshop? Or have you maybe created something with your own hands? Well, here you can! As well as you can shoot arrows, sit in the “Throne of (‘Blind’) Béla II”, and we can even show you the replica of the Holy Crown, and a fresco which is an unrivalled masterpiece of Hungarian art in the Árpád era.

Moreover, the castle also has the atmosphere of the world of Benedictine monks: in remembrance of the first owners of the monastery, we have revived and re-interpreted a number of traditions. The life and activities of Benedictines is recalled in an interactive space; an interactive room for herb tea drinking and herbal infusion cooking is opened, the medicinal practice of Benedictines is shown, and there is also a room of fragrance and a salt room open for the public.

The ancient walls also host a variety of programmes and colourful events all of which we offer to our visitors. Theatre plays, singing, musical and dancing stage performances and plays with authentic costumes are also offered among others, special days are commemorated, and we offer events full of adventure to visitors of all age groups! Besides all these, the castle is available also as a venue for weddings, family celebrations and corporate meetings. Our restaurant is also available, as well as our high-standard, renewed hotel which can serve the relaxation of tired pilgrims too.

We wish you a pleasant time browsing through our pages, and do recommend that you come and visit us afterwards! We are warmly awaiting your visit, with an array of true, memorable adventures!



7720 Pécsvárad, Vár u. 45.
Phone: +36 72 671 235
Mobile: +36 30 387 8435