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Dombay Lake Youth Camp

Located outside Pécsvárad, Dombay Lake is an artificial lake in a beautiful natural setting, created in 1960. Six years later it was named after archaeologist János Dombay, late director of Baranya County Museums who had performed archaeological explorations in this area too, looking at the ancient past of the surrounding areas.

The Lake is a popular tourist destination, surrounded by weekend houses. Mostly local people come here to swim and bathe, as there is a free beech in the eastern part of the lake with partially cemented access on the shore. There are angling platforms and barbecue sites awaiting visitors who can also row the boat or use pedal boats in the summer months.

Once a series of water mills stood in the valley, some of which still operate in a renovated form, as a weekend house or camp.

The Youth Camp can accommodate 40 persons. Guests of the hostel created in the former mill house can stay in one of three rooms, to which a sitting room adjoins. Built a few years ago, the community building stands apart from the former two. It is a comfortable community area with a kitchenette for various types of activities, trainings or even celebrations. The bathrooms, too, are found in this building.

Ordered meals can be delivered, or self-catering is the other possibility. The sports ground and a roofed open-air stage is also available for guests staying in the camp.

Current price: 2.000 HUF/person/night

Further information:
Address: H-7720 Pécsvárad, Patak u. 2. - Dombay-tó, Hungary
Contact person: Ms. Gyöngyi Józsa
Phone: +36 72 671 222

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